Camino Jen updates

Hi everyone! Happy 2021 — I hope you are all safe and healthy with your families and sanity intact. I just have two updates:

  1. I decided that I am going to walk the Camino Frances again in Spring 2022 for my 50th birthday (pandemic, vaccine status, and travel restrictions permitting). I started a new blog at to document the planning and to create a space for my brain dumps… especially since there is so much uncertainty. I decided to start anew because my 2018 Camino was such a great experience and this CaminoJen blog has a well defined narrative arc (clear beginning, middle, and end). I will be cleaning up broken links, typos, and adding more photos that were not originally shared here, though, because some day I would like to print CaminoJen for myself. You are welcome to follow the next train wreck over at the new blog.
  2. Looking at the final post for CaminoJen, I realized that I ended the story on the airplane coming home and therefore failed to give a final update regarding the Steps to Support SCLS campaign — the final number was $6,000 on the nose! I do not know if I will do another walk-a-thon for next year. My life and career have changed dramatically in 2.5 years, and I am no longer a Development Director or in nonprofits. I’m still thinking it through. My heart is still with SCLS and the amazing work they do, though. Thank you again for your generosity!

The photo above is the kid and I in Pamplona July 2019 (8 months before the world fell apart). I feel really lucky that I was able to return a year after my Camino and share this beautiful part of Spain with my husband and kid. I have fallen madly, deeply in love with Spain and cannot wait to return next year.

Buen Camino!

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    1. Thanks, Eugene! I would never consider doing it again without TrailSmart on my phone and by my side! I feel bad that I *still* owe you feedback and help; it seems I was sucked right back into life the moment I got home. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you and the app.


      1. LOL. No worries – the world *on* the Camino is an entirely different world from the one *off* of it. That’s one of the joys of the Camino! 🙂 I’m hoping to get back on the Camino myself soon. Maybe this fall but probably not until spring next year (alas). This year I’m mostly planning on focusing on more remote walks. I love those too, but it is never quite the same!

        Stay safe! I hope you and your family haven’t been affected too much by the pandemic. We’ve had it relatively mild here in Canada compared with most western countries, but it’s still a challenge.

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      2. You’re considering walking the Camino next spring? As in April-May 2022? You know where I’m going with this…


      3. Probably, yes. I don’t know yet which routes I’ll take but I’m sure I’ll be on the Francés at least part of the time. If our schedules overlap we should definitely meet up for a coffee!

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