This is a pretty personal post, but I must get it off my chest before the problem leads to the rest of my self-conscious, low self-esteem demons rising up. Down, personal demons, down! When I was pre-k (essentially my earliest memories), my parents used to say things about me snoring. They had my tonsils and... Continue Reading →

(Middle of nowhere) to Sansol

I had a great day of walking, though not a lot to report. The landscape is beautiful but starting to look the same. What do I take pictures of anymore? Such a weird mental space to be in -- the journey is fascinating and the landscape is beautiful, but is any of it distinct anymore?... Continue Reading →

Estella to Montjardin

The day-- I left the albergue this morning with Kathleen and the Texas sisters after the ladies running it literally moved us out the door at 8 am and locked it behind us. There we were in the drizzle, trying to put our wet, muddy shoes back on (we're pretty sure the outside shed they... Continue Reading →

Need a new method for updating this blog

So every night I'm in bed trying to write, often dozing off with my phone hitting me in the face. Last night I managed to write a long, detailed post that took 90 minutes to compose-- complete with hyperlinks and drag queen references. Then my finger accidentally hit "delete" instead of publish. Aaarrrggghhhhhh!!!! When I... Continue Reading →

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