Need a new method for updating this blog

So every night I’m in bed trying to write, often dozing off with my phone hitting me in the face. Last night I managed to write a long, detailed post that took 90 minutes to compose– complete with hyperlinks and drag queen references. Then my finger accidentally hit “delete” instead of publish.


When I take a break this morning, I will try to recreate it, but it will be much shorter. So sorry.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to start breaking the days into smaller posts and use voice dictation instead of typing. There may be a lot more typos from this point forward. Again, so sorry.

Here are some pics of the albergue I stayed in last night in a village called Mañeru. It is the NICEST one thus far, met a very nice couple from Wisconsin (Sue and Paul), a retired French man named Christian (who spoke no English at all), and Stewart the DC attorney from Antigua!

The last one was Stewart and Christian. Christian was very happy that he had some French speakers to visit with… though Stew was much better in the conversation than me.

I slept the best ever in an albergue last night, most likely because I trusted my roommates.

And here are my shoes last night. Imagine the day.

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  1. Bonjour mon ami! You are doing so well! I’m glad you chose to take the safe route and get to your next dest. safely.


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