To the end of the world (on a tour bus)

I did something that normally I would never, ever do. I willingly joined a tour bus for the day. Historically some pilgrims continued on to Finisterre from Santiago, a place that was considered the end of the world back in the days when the world was flat. (If any readers believe the world is flat... Continue Reading →

Gracias, Ponferrada

There are some decisions I have made on this trip that were good choices. Seeing Drs. Felix and Sara in Burgos was an excellent decision. Switching to runners was an excellent decision (but Bunny was not supposed to let my boots fall off my pack). Staying in Zubiri instead of taking the chance with the... Continue Reading →

Day 5.2 and Day 6: Pamplona!

Never in my life have I ever just walked down a mountain and strolled into a major city before. Never. What a strange experience to go from muddy hills/mountains/flooded paths/rushing creeks to... city. The metropolitan areas I know well must have an edge somewhere as well. Where exactly is the edge to the Seattle area,... Continue Reading →

Pamplona tourist today

Thanks for your patience regarding a report on day 5. For some reason my phone is struggling to upload pictures on both the hotel Wi-Fi and regular data. I'm not sure what's going on; hopefully I can get this resolved soon. In the meantime, here's the agenda today in Pamplona: museum, churches, bull arena, trying... Continue Reading →

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