To the end of the world (on a tour bus)

I did something that normally I would never, ever do. I willingly joined a tour bus for the day. Historically some pilgrims continued on to Finisterre from Santiago, a place that was considered the end of the world back in the days when the world was flat. (If any readers believe the world is flat... Continue Reading →

The night before Santiago total: $5,482

I will be walking into Santiago tomorrow morning with my head held high. I am proud of two things when I hobble into the cathedral square: I actually made it almost 500 miles across Spain, despite all of my internal obstacles (not in the best shape, not an experienced hiker, self-doubts, a left ankle with... Continue Reading →

The rain in Spain… Melide

The rain in Spain... is back! I'm really ok with rain and enjoy walking in the cooler air (though I forgot how much of a pain in the behind the poncho is getting over the pack). The downside is that I won't take pictures in the rain any more. It's a miracle my phone survived... Continue Reading →

(Almost) Live from Samos

The Steps to Support SCLS campaign has now exceeded goal: $5,274 as of 6:00 pm Samos time! This first photo is from a video posted on Facebook, and the total was $5,209 when I recorded it. Thank you!!! (Sorry for the offsite link; WordPress has decided it has had enough of me uploading videos and... Continue Reading →

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