Somewhere in the mountains of Galicia…

(Written 5/6/18 — bad Wi-Fi for the last few days, which makes WordPress very unhappy.)

Don’t ask where I am. I really am not certain. What I do know is that today I climbed a VERY LARGE MOUNTAIN, and I’m staying in what may be the only business in the entire village with Chantal down the hallway. We are pretty sure we are the only two people staying here. It was a lovely wonderful evening drinking 1€ glasses of wine and eating almonds with you, Chantal!

The last time we spent an evening in a tiny village drinking too much wine, we watched the rush hour traffic of tractors tearing through the one street.

This was tonight’s rush hour traffic through this village’s one street, right past the patio where we were sitting:

I’m going to miss you, Chantal. Buen Camino, my friend.

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