The rain in Spain… Melide

The rain in Spain… is back! I’m really ok with rain and enjoy walking in the cooler air (though I forgot how much of a pain in the behind the poncho is getting over the pack). The downside is that I won’t take pictures in the rain any more. It’s a miracle my phone survived Navarra, so it spent most of today in a ziplock baggie in my pocket.

There are a few pics from today though, taken when it was either safe to pull out the phone or in Melide tonight once it cleared up (or when I was indoors).

I realized tonight that I screwed myself when I locked in accommodations for the last two nights — by accident, I now have two back-to-back days of 25 km and one day of 5 km. Geez, it’s as if I’m new to this. 🙄

Lovely dinner of octopus and peppers with Georgia from Florida tonight. Delicious! And they insisted I drink my wine out of a bowl. I still experience strange firsts on the Camino.

Waiting out the rain/hail showers in Palas de Rei:

They have serious palm trees here. I think it gets hot in the summer

Just your average grocery store display.

And finally, a reminder of just how far I’ve walked. I circled Saint Jean and Melide for you. I am absolutely nuts. Ok, I know this is a short post. It’s 10:30 and I need to try to get some sleep. Wish me luck on the 25 km of hills tomorrow!

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  1. Jen, you are truly amazing. What a marvelous walk. I will be happy when you are safely home, but I will miss reading your marvelous posts!


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