To Leon!

Well, I walked out of the woods and into a major city for the fourth time in my life this morning (and fourth time this month). The concept of a city edge still trips me out since I hail from a city that seems to have no edge. Yes, Seattle has city limits (I grew... Continue Reading →

Rest day in Burgos

What a great rest day! The appointment with Drs. Felix and Sara this morning, then having to truck back out to that suburban shopping mall and back to exchange shoes, ate away half of the day... but it was SO WORTH IT! My feet feel 50 times better. I was back to the hotel by... Continue Reading →

Never fear, I’m still here!

... but WordPress will only upload photos with strong Wi-Fi -- something I haven't had since Belorado. It doesn't matter that I was literally standing under a cell tower last night; WordPress is only happy on Wi-Fi no matter how many bars your phone has (can you hear me now?). I'm currently on the outskirts... Continue Reading →

To Atapuerca

(Written yesterday, 18 April, but posted late due to Wi-Fi issues. Not all of the photos are uploaded properly here but I'm working on it. Sorry!) I think I got my mojo back! In early January when I was first working on hard planning for this trip, I had no real concept of kilometers or... Continue Reading →

$2,760 for civil legal aid so far!

Another step closer to reaching the goal of raising $5,000 for Snohomish County Legal Services! $2,760 as of today! Thank you so much again for your support and generosity. Remember to share the link to the one woman walk-a-thon with all of your circles. I'm really hoping to reach $5,000 before I reach Santiago. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Weather update and decision time

So the rain. Uh. Yeah. Again, Seattle woman. Rain should be NO BIG DEAL. Except today I am facing going over one more mountain, a trail that is described by the very handy TrailSmart app as such: "This is a Main Path trail section with a difficulty of Strenuous and terrain of Steep Hills." Let... Continue Reading →

$2,040 for civil legal aid!

You guys, if my calculations are correct, the Steps to Support SCLS one-woman-walk-a-thon is at $2,040! The campaign is now closer to the goal of $5,000 than I am to Santiago (I'm only on day three). Now that I've left Seattle, I can't see who donated because I can't access the system from a mobile... Continue Reading →

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