$2,040 for civil legal aid!

You guys, if my calculations are correct, the Steps to Support SCLS one-woman-walk-a-thon is at $2,040! The campaign is now closer to the goal of $5,000 than I am to Santiago (I’m only on day three). Now that I’ve left Seattle, I can’t see who donated because I can’t access the system from a mobile device, but a HUGE GRACIAS to everyone who has participated thus far!

Please keep sharing with your friends and colleagues. It would be amazing to reach the walk-a-thon goal before I reach Santiago mid-May.

(For those who are wondering how I keep tabs, I get an automatic email from the form but no name. The name is accessed through the database that I access from my computer at home. I’ve been running a tally based on those emails since leaving Seattle. Also, my boss just had his first baby the day before I left, so it may take him a little bit of time to send letters out. I know he’s grateful. What does SCLS do? We provide direct representation and legal advice to people in Snohomish Co at or below the poverty level for domestic violence, sexual assault, housing crises, debt problems, and seniors.)

Here’s a picture of my journey with my Texas friends this morning. Please note we are now going DOWNHILL. YAY!:

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