Rest day in Burgos

What a great rest day! The appointment with Drs. Felix and Sara this morning, then having to truck back out to that suburban shopping mall and back to exchange shoes, ate away half of the day… but it was SO WORTH IT! My feet feel 50 times better.

I was back to the hotel by 2:30, changed shoes, dashed out the last blog post while eating some quick lunch of pinchos and beer (using voice dictation, which I now have decided is the fastest way to write these entries) — and I was finally off to see the inside of Burgos Cathedral.

Oh. My. Goodness!

I have seen a LOT of cathedrals, but I don’t think one has taken my breath away like this since the first time I saw York Minster. I know that as a former teacher and medievalist, you are all expecting me to write paragraphs describing everything that I saw complete with historical contexts and hyperlinks. Let me tell you right now that that Jen was left behind at Saint Jean. The current Jen just wants to share pretty photos with you and then finish packing to head out in the morning. If you want to read up on the Cathedral, here is the link to the wiki page.

Photos photos photos!

For all of my former students who had the chance to see the manuscript fragment I own, this is what the whole book would have looked like. Now you can see why the music notations and text is so large (large book so many in the choir could see the same page):

The cloister was gorgeous!

I’ve met very few dogs friendly enough to let me pet them. This sweet guy let me stroke his head a bit.

And I have definitely never seen a depiction like this in an alter piece. What in the world is going on?

I just realized this entire post is nothing but photos of Burgos Cathedral. I will write a part two soon.

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