A bit of real talk

A dear friend joked in a comment yesterday that she can't wait for me to get home and tell the real stories I'm not writing about here on the blog. When I called her last night to check in, she pointed out that I seem to be holding back, being very "nice" or "pc" with... Continue Reading →

Villamajor to… somewhere?

What an amazing experience in the Dutch albergue last night. It was very hard leaving, but at the same I felt refreshed and ready to go. It's a beautiful day with no rain! Just gorgeous. Here's some smart advertising from a bar in the next village that knows its customers. Now here's something scary. Another... Continue Reading →

Need a new method for updating this blog

So every night I'm in bed trying to write, often dozing off with my phone hitting me in the face. Last night I managed to write a long, detailed post that took 90 minutes to compose-- complete with hyperlinks and drag queen references. Then my finger accidentally hit "delete" instead of publish. Aaarrrggghhhhhh!!!! When I... Continue Reading →

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