Villamajor to… somewhere?

What an amazing experience in the Dutch albergue last night. It was very hard leaving, but at the same I felt refreshed and ready to go. It’s a beautiful day with no rain!

Just gorgeous.

Here’s some smart advertising from a bar in the next village that knows its customers.

Now here’s something scary. Another pilgrim recognized me and this blog. Apparently Bunny the Badass Bull gave me away. It was lovely talking with you, Amanda from London and Rome!

This is a long stretch of nothing. Nothing except this guy and his amazing setup.

He was blasting A-Ha’s Take on Me when I approached. Reminds me that there’s a Nite Wave show tonight at the Tractor Tavern I’m missing. I bought Al a ticket while ago. Have a great show tonight, guys!

Bunny and I need to hit the road again. Trying to get beyond Los Arcos.

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