Burgos part two

After I was done visiting Burgos Cathedral (see the previous post that is pretty much nothing but pictures), my feet still felt great so I continued wandering around this city. A sign caught my attention: Castilla. Wait, there's a castle here? Off I went in search of it. I found a gate house in part... Continue Reading →

Rest day in Burgos

What a great rest day! The appointment with Drs. Felix and Sara this morning, then having to truck back out to that suburban shopping mall and back to exchange shoes, ate away half of the day... but it was SO WORTH IT! My feet feel 50 times better. I was back to the hotel by... Continue Reading →

My left foot

No, this is not that infamous Daniel Day Lewis movie. This is my darn left foot. While my ankle feels fantastic and I truly believed that that I was conquering 18 years of it being snapped in half, constantly rolled, out of sorts, and the fourth and fifth metatarsals getting hairline fractures at the halfway... Continue Reading →

Burgos or bust!

I learned another important lesson from the Camino this morning, friends. Today's lesson is to have patience and trust that you will be rewarded at the end of a difficult, long, hard process. If I had written this blog post at noon instead of 11:30 pm, the overall narrative would have been very different. I... Continue Reading →

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