Burgos part two

After I was done visiting Burgos Cathedral (see the previous post that is pretty much nothing but pictures), my feet still felt great so I continued wandering around this city. A sign caught my attention: Castilla. Wait, there’s a castle here? Off I went in search of it.

I found a gate house in part of the medieval wall still standing pretty easily.

My eyes followed the wall to the north and that’s when I saw the tops of the castle turrets and this staircase.

Really? I’m going to climb all of these stairs on my rest day with my bad foot? But do you know how I know that Dr. Felix fix me? I went right up.

My foot feels great and the shoes are amazingly comfy now. No problems.

The castle ruins were open to the public so I was able to just walk right in. Like the post last night, the new Jen who is on this Camino is not going to spend a bunch of time researching and writing historical information. Instead, here is the wikilink and here are a bunch of photos.

These are especially for my son Elliot. I could not stop thinking about all of the times he and I traveled through Europe when he was a child, and how much he loved touring castles and castle ruins, especially the year that we lived in England together. We even had memberships to English Heritage and National Trust so we could visit any site in the UK and not feel limited by admission prices. It was his absolute favorite weekend activity.

For you, Elliot:

Those of you who know me personally know that I will sometimes say I miss Elliot when he was a child. That is true. But this trip I also realize that I miss Elliot as he is right now: smart, kind hearted, intellectually interesting, unique young man. Eight-year-old Elliot would have been fun to have on this trip (though the walking days would have been much shorter). Twenty-one-year-old Elliot would have been a blast on the Camino. Dude, in the future you should consider doing this — either alone or with friends. You would love this!

Check out the views of the city:

My friends, this is where I’m walking next. The meseta is basically prairie lands: no shade and very few services. Really? I have to walk that?!?

Time to wind the day down and start thinking about walking. This place was perfect for a lemon beer and to examine the book. Something about the place called to me but I can’t put my finger on it exactly…

I ran into Felix and Sara on the street with their two young daughters. They are such nice people; I feel so lucky that they had an appointment for me this morning. Thank you so much, my friends!

I had quick dinner at this place: four delicious and unusual pinchos and two glasses of wine was only 9€! So much better than those huge breaded and deep fried pilgrims meals.

Walking back to the hotel I noticed my boots longingly waiting for me. I realized there would be a problem knocking the dried mud off of them out the window. I’m just going to keep them in a plastic bag attached to my pack for a while.

Houston, we have a problem:

Bought gelato from across the lane and sat in the most perfect spot for people watching. Why sit in a cafe when I can sit here with my shoes and bra off?

It’s 8 am and time to leave this gorgeous city. Burgos seems to be what I have always imagined Florence to be like in my mind: deep political and religious history, and a mix of gothic and Baroque.

I am also leaving the comfort of very strong Wi-Fi. I may not be able to post with photos for the next few days. But rest assured– I’m out there on the plains somewhere!

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