Day 2: Shoot me now

Isn't that what they do to horses who have gone lame? Up up up up up up up up... oh nice, it's flattened out. SOB, up up up up up upupupupupupupup. Wasn't this supposed to be fun? Enlightening? Finding myself? Instead it was a day of frustration, exhaustion, tears, throwing up, and running out of... Continue Reading →

Day 1 — The Hills Have Eyes (and Teeth)

I may have underestimated the first stage as an easier option compared to taking the Napoleon Route. I was already leaning towards taking the alternate "winter" route through the Pyrenees called the Valcarlos Route (Valcarlos is a little town of Charlemagne and Roland fame). The Napoleon Route is a younger alternative to Valcarlos that goes... Continue Reading →

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