Day 2: Shoot me now

Isn’t that what they do to horses who have gone lame? Up up up up up up up up… oh nice, it’s flattened out. SOB, up up up up up upupupupupupupup. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun? Enlightening? Finding myself? Instead it was a day of frustration, exhaustion, tears, throwing up, and running out of water (brought a full 24 oz water bottle and a 1.5 L store bottle strapped to my pack). No more details will be shared about the walking of Day 2. I’m just glad the hardest leg of the Camino is now behind me.

Here are a few pics of the occasional joyous moments (all early in the day):

A wonderful little half-cave (or rock alcove?) where I was able to take off my pack and eat the oatmeal bar I bought in London at the beginning of the week (it was a bit squished):

My path followed this river pretty much the whole day (I think it’s called Regata Gainekoleta):

And there was a pony hanging out next to the highway barrier outside Valcarlos.

That’s it for the happy pictures. I have a lot to post about where I’m staying, but WordPress doesn’t like uploading photos without Wi-Fi. I will write about Roncesvalles when I have Wi-Fi (lots of beautiful happy pictures once I reached this oasis in the mountains).

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