The night before Santiago total: $5,482

I will be walking into Santiago tomorrow morning with my head held high. I am proud of two things when I hobble into the cathedral square: I actually made it almost 500 miles across Spain, despite all of my internal obstacles (not in the best shape, not an experienced hiker, self-doubts, a left ankle with... Continue Reading →

To Atapuerca

(Written yesterday, 18 April, but posted late due to Wi-Fi issues. Not all of the photos are uploaded properly here but I'm working on it. Sorry!) I think I got my mojo back! In early January when I was first working on hard planning for this trip, I had no real concept of kilometers or... Continue Reading →

To Logroño

What a beautiful morning it was today. I stayed in a great modern albergue with Kitty and Wilma in a town called Sansol. The albergue was brand new practically, and also served as the town restaurant and meeting place. The village is very cute. They also have a great sense of humor to put this... Continue Reading →

Pamplona to Mañeru (yesterday)

Here's a summary of the detailed post I wrote yesterday but then accidentally deleted: An elderly woman put this in my hands on the street outside my hotel and told me she is praying for me. Look how flooded the river was going through the University of Navarra campus on the outskirts on Pamplona. An... Continue Reading →

Day 5.1: Wet rural climbing

The morning getting out of Zubiri started out well. First, because the cash machine in town was out of order, I tried to have the largest breakfast I could muster at the cafe across the street knowing they take credit cards. Bob from outside Toronto and I were there at 6 am sharp thinking the... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Slip Sliding Away

(Warning: last picture is not appropriate for my veggie/vegan friends) So, yeah. The rain in Spain... I was born and raised in Seattle. Rain is absolutely no big deal. In fact, as I wrote before, after climbing through the Pyrenees in what felt like 90 degrees for two days (with the sunburns to prove it),... Continue Reading →

Dear Dr. Ankle Surgeon

I'm feeling like our relationship can officially end now. I'm breaking up with you. Yes, I know we haven't seen each other in 8 years, and you haven't performed any surgeries on my left ankle in 9, but I still always felt like we were in a relationship. I still have your number in my... Continue Reading →

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