T minus 2 days!

There is too much going on right now to really sit down to reflect and write careful blog posts, so here are just some random updates as I prep for Monday: The Camino Campaign jumped up to $1,056 as of this morning! Thank you so much to everyone who "pledged" to walk with me. Please... Continue Reading →

A new kind of passport

I will admit it: I'm burned out on this work event and it's still 8 days away. Just had a lovely (but short) evening hosting wonderful friends to watch this week's RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 3, and happy to report that our beloved Seattle queen, the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme, survived another week. I kicked... Continue Reading →

First piece of gear acquired

The trip still feels so far away, but it is quickly becoming a reality and no longer an abstract concept. Plane tickets purchased at New Years. Guide books bought and sufficient initial research completed. Sports bra that fits and isn't trying to choke me to death bought. OK. Fine. But the dirty secret is that... Continue Reading →

Pilgrim’s Progress: The first sin to go

Vanity. Vanity is the first to go. If I were walking the Camino for solely religious reasons, this entry would be far more introspective and philosophical than what I'm going to share. I would hope I could even write something inspirational, transcendent. Instead, I'm writing to share the startling realization I had last weekend. An... Continue Reading →

No turning back now

Because if there's one thing I HATE, it's wasting money. Purchased the flights, now I must go for real! April 3: Arrive in London early in the morning. April 3: Start making my way to Biarritz/Bayonne area to catch the train to Saint Jean P-d-P. April 4: Sleep off the jet lag somewhere. April 5:... Continue Reading →

So here’s the plan

There are a number of tour companies online trying to sell an Easy Button option to walk the Camino. This one in particular is selling the convenience of arranging your private rooms every night, arranging daily dinner service, and transporting your bag from stop to stop so you don't have to be burdened by your... Continue Reading →

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