A new kind of passport

I will admit it: I’m burned out on this work event and it’s still 8 days away. Just had a lovely (but short) evening hosting wonderful friends to watch this week’s RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 3, and happy to report that our beloved Seattle queen, the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme, survived another week. I kicked out the friends early… really as soon as the show was over at 9:00 (“thanks for coming, I love you guys, now get the heck out so I can get back to work”), and I’ve found myself just spinning the last 90 minutes, unable to buckle down again. Ugh! This program and these donation cards will not create themselves! So I will spend a few minutes sharing a development from a few weeks ago… then go to bed to start all over again tomorrow. Bid cards must be printed!

IMG_4645A few weeks ago, my Credencial del Peregrino arrived in the mail! How cool is this?! During the walk, this is the card I will present to churches, confraternities, and other sites in various towns along the route to be stamped as proof I walked through. Then, when I reach the Cathedral of Santiago, I present my fully-stamped credencial to apply for my Compostela — proof that I finished!

Unfortunately, the booklet is all in Spanish (rightfully so). I found an English translation online and taped it into the booklet. As DeLa would say, it’s being held together with hot glue and desperation.


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