To Santiago

On May 15, 2018, exactly 40 days after leaving Saint Jean Pied de Port, France, I reached the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela by foot. By some miracle I made it! And there was a tourist train out front to greet me. Of course! I'm going to go ride that train later today to make... Continue Reading →

The night before Santiago total: $5,482

I will be walking into Santiago tomorrow morning with my head held high. I am proud of two things when I hobble into the cathedral square: I actually made it almost 500 miles across Spain, despite all of my internal obstacles (not in the best shape, not an experienced hiker, self-doubts, a left ankle with... Continue Reading →

Almost there…

... not to Santiago but to meeting the $5,000 goal of Steps to Support SCLS one woman walkathon! $4,668!That means we only have $332 left to go! I will reach Santiago in 8 days. Thank you everyone!

The Meseta— to Castrojeriz

I didn't mean to come off negative about the meseta yesterday; I was trying to communicate how surreal it was with the color of the sky, the silence, the desolation, the isolation (until the two kids in dirt bikes came through). Today was day two of crossing the meseta, but a completely different experience because... Continue Reading →

To Hornillos del Camino

The meseta. I didn't think much of this stretch except "oh great, it will be nice and flat and easy." Then in the last few days I started hearing about Pilgrims who were just simply hopping on a bus to skip the next five days of walking. Why would they do that? Answer: the meseta.... Continue Reading →

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