Camino Jen updates

Hi everyone! Happy 2021 -- I hope you are all safe and healthy with your families and sanity intact. I just have two updates: I decided that I am going to walk the Camino Frances again in Spring 2022 for my 50th birthday (pandemic, vaccine status, and travel restrictions permitting). I started a new blog... Continue Reading →

Se Vende

Those who have spent time walking with me know I've been working on this post since the very first day (some even helped point out properties I didn't see). Looking to get into the Spanish real estate market? Each one of these had signs that read "Se Vende" on them (or it was written with... Continue Reading →

A bit of real talk

A dear friend joked in a comment yesterday that she can't wait for me to get home and tell the real stories I'm not writing about here on the blog. When I called her last night to check in, she pointed out that I seem to be holding back, being very "nice" or "pc" with... Continue Reading →

Quick post-script to “To Atapuerca”

I wrote that Alison of Chester taught me a very good lesson the other day: making friends/connections but then being ok with saying goodbye. Well guess who I bumped into in a little village called Rabé today, and then just now sat and ate dinner with? That's right, Alison of Chester. New lesson of the... Continue Reading →


This is a pretty personal post, but I must get it off my chest before the problem leads to the rest of my self-conscious, low self-esteem demons rising up. Down, personal demons, down! When I was pre-k (essentially my earliest memories), my parents used to say things about me snoring. They had my tonsils and... Continue Reading →

A new kind of passport

I will admit it: I'm burned out on this work event and it's still 8 days away. Just had a lovely (but short) evening hosting wonderful friends to watch this week's RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 3, and happy to report that our beloved Seattle queen, the terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme, survived another week. I kicked... Continue Reading →

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