Lazy Sunday in Leon

First, a word of warning to pilgrims on the trail behind me (or in the future): do not assume that everything will be open on a Sunday just because you are in the largest city on the Camino. If you get into town on a Saturday afternoon, scurry about and get EVERYTHING done before the... Continue Reading →

To Leon!

Well, I walked out of the woods and into a major city for the fourth time in my life this morning (and fourth time this month). The concept of a city edge still trips me out since I hail from a city that seems to have no edge. Yes, Seattle has city limits (I grew... Continue Reading →

To the edge of Leon (Arcahueja)

I only had 6.4 miles to walk today. I tried stretching it out. I left Mansilla at 9:00… very late in Camino world. I stopped and smelled some irises. I took pictures of two medieval bridges. Do not let your children walk on the narrow handrail of the footbridge. Ok, got it. (Note they translated... Continue Reading →


Today was a weird day because it was neither a walking day nor a rest day. Once I reached Sahagun, I didn't really know what to do with myself besides stay OUT OF THE SUN. Let me start this post by sharing one of the happiest, truest moments of joy I have felt in a... Continue Reading →

Carrion de Los Condes

Hi everyone. Welcome to the latest installment of "Camino Jen vs the sun." I woke up yesterday morning in Fromista very early with the tell-tale signs of photodermatitis: itchy blistering on my right arm, chest, and chin (probably where my hat doesn't cover). It's clear that the multiple layers of my Badger Zinc sunscreen were... Continue Reading →

Castrojeriz evening

We just had the craziest thunder storm come through suddenly! I tried to video the lightning flashes but the video didn't turn out very well. Trust me, it was dramatic! ...but then the storm stopped as suddenly as it started. This was my chance to get out and see the town a tiny bit, eat... Continue Reading →

The Meseta— to Castrojeriz

I didn't mean to come off negative about the meseta yesterday; I was trying to communicate how surreal it was with the color of the sky, the silence, the desolation, the isolation (until the two kids in dirt bikes came through). Today was day two of crossing the meseta, but a completely different experience because... Continue Reading →

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