Today was a weird day because it was neither a walking day nor a rest day. Once I reached Sahagun, I didn’t really know what to do with myself besides stay OUT OF THE SUN.

Let me start this post by sharing one of the happiest, truest moments of joy I have felt in a while.

Meet Eppy, a three month old English Cocker puppy:

Eppy wanted to be pet. Eppy wanted to play (despite the heat). Eppy was 100% puppy love.

I also forgot to include this picture from Monday night. How hot was it Monday?

Sahagun. What an interesting, dusty, hot sleepy village. I had been hearing/reading that it was a village of good size, but it seems smaller and quieter than Carrion.

Lots of medieval ruins to check out while I dashed from shade spot to shade spot (luckily the streets are narrow so there was always a shady side to walk on). I was confused by all the brick at first, but later learned that this town was the first to use it.

I was on my way to check this one out until I saw that the approach was completely exposed with no shade side. I’m sure it’s closed anyways. I’ll just admire it from afar.

Lovely abbey that they restored into what I thought was a museum of the Camino. It’s more of an art museum with an eclectic mix of original pieces from the abbey and out there modern art.

Looks interesting out there, but I’m not leaving the comfort of their modern air conditioning.

Famous 17th s sculpture of Virgin Mary dressed as a pilgrim:

I don’t know if the building is still a consecrated holy space or not, but I couldn’t help from giggling at some of the pieces. Does this remind anyone of the AbFab episode in which Eddy’s father passes away so she decides to invest in expensive yet ridiculous art?

“But is it art, Eddy?”

The abbey asked to see my pilgrim credential, then gave this to me on my way out. Apparently Sahagun is geographically the middle point of the Camino Francis! How cool is that?

I visited the Benedictine abbey next, and the woman working there gave me a tube for the certificate AND a cookie!

An “Irish pub.” They definitely got the interior down– and sitting in the booth definitely protected me from the UV rays outside:

The sign outside my hostel room door. They are trying to torture me.

Beautiful evening sky:

And EPPY! ♥️🐾

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