Lazy Sunday in Leon

First, a word of warning to pilgrims on the trail behind me (or in the future): do not assume that everything will be open on a Sunday just because you are in the largest city on the Camino. If you get into town on a Saturday afternoon, scurry about and get EVERYTHING done before the night is over. Doesn’t matter how tired you are. Holy smokes! Even for a holiday weekend this place is closed on Sundays! I needed a few more toiletries but I am S. O. L.

I also wasn’t able to visit the medieval basilica museum because they do guided tours only… and no English tours on Sundays (the guy at the desk wouldn’t even give me the option of the Spanish tours, just “come back tomorrow” — which of course won’t work).

That’s ok, I still had a lovely afternoon and stumbled upon something very important happening to the basilica… though I had no idea what was happening in the moment. I believe it’s this. Some photos and videos for you:

Geez, look at the sun damage on my face! I almost look my real age now. Ugh!

I digress. More cool scenes from Leon today:

And a reminder that my time in this city will also come to an end. Tomorrow I start walking again (after meeting Alison from Chester for dinner tonight — yes! I literally bumped into her on the street!).

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  1. Really enjoying your blog, peregrina, it’s lovely to see the familiar places through different eyes. We are going back in September, all being well, and will make a note of some of the sightseeing things to do instead of just collapsing in a plastic chair with an ensalada mixta and a clara con limon. And you met Alison from Chester again – tell her that if she wants to talk camino when she comes home, I am all ears!

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  2. I was in seattle! for a few days and am just catching up on your blog. As excited as I am for my own camino, i’m getting close enough to its start date to begin thinking of what can go wrong and reading about how you have ultimately triumphed over all the trials is awesome!
    Also, Glam Glow Flash mud to remove hyperpigmentation! Coincidentally, I just bought some for my face last week and it works really really well. The $26 pot at sephora was plenty to remove 3/4th of my new “uber freckles”.


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