A bit of real talk

A dear friend joked in a comment yesterday that she can't wait for me to get home and tell the real stories I'm not writing about here on the blog. When I called her last night to check in, she pointed out that I seem to be holding back, being very "nice" or "pc" with... Continue Reading →

(Almost) Live from Samos

The Steps to Support SCLS campaign has now exceeded goal: $5,274 as of 6:00 pm Samos time! This first photo is from a video posted on Facebook, and the total was $5,209 when I recorded it. Thank you!!! (Sorry for the offsite link; WordPress has decided it has had enough of me uploading videos and... Continue Reading →

New update: $4920!

(Post updated with new donations from the Facebook birthday fundraiser) I feel like I want to cry. I'm so touched and humbled by your support. We are now at $4,920 for civil legal aid in Snohomish County! It's crazy writing this next sentence-- We only have $80 left to go!Thank you, gracias, merci, danke!

Almost there…

... not to Santiago but to meeting the $5,000 goal of Steps to Support SCLS one woman walkathon! $4,668!That means we only have $332 left to go! I will reach Santiago in 8 days. Thank you everyone!

Last thoughts on Ponferrada

I'm getting out of town late because I decided to use the miraculous laundromat one more time before I head out into the countryside for a week. Washing the pants, shirt, bra, socks, and underwear worn the last two days here makes more sense than waiting until tonight and possibly having to wash in a... Continue Reading →

Gracias, Ponferrada

There are some decisions I have made on this trip that were good choices. Seeing Drs. Felix and Sara in Burgos was an excellent decision. Switching to runners was an excellent decision (but Bunny was not supposed to let my boots fall off my pack). Staying in Zubiri instead of taking the chance with the... Continue Reading →

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