If this were a video game…

If this were a video game, in the last 12 hours I would have just unlocked extra lives, or found a magic cape, or a hoard of gold coins... I obviously don't play games and am out of touch since there are no more teen boys in my house. Last night before dinner I successfully... Continue Reading →

Rabanal to Ponferrada— in two parts

Rabanal to Ponferrada, Part 1: This post is mostly photos. It was a good day for most of it (and emotional finally reaching Ferro). The climb up wasn't as bad as I anticipated... but boy was the climb down surprisingly challenging! The most difficult descent I've faced, and I'm not off the mountain yet! (Spent... Continue Reading →

Cruz de Ferro

This was an important and emotional moment. I'm not going to explain too much in this post, so here is a page with a quick backstory (I can't find the wiki page in English, so you will have to use google translate if you do not read Spanish). Ferro de Cruz also marks the highest... Continue Reading →

To Rabanal del Camino

It's morning now and I have a full day of mountain climbing ahead of me. I'm in a place with two shared bathrooms, but I'm letting all of the other pilgrims go first -- I'm slow going up these steep inclines so best to let the others get their early start and run out the... Continue Reading →

Steps to Support SCLS Update — $4,428!

Hey friends! I'm not writing a post tonight because I'm exhausted and it will be one of those phone-keeps-falling-on-my-face-because-I-nodded-off posts, but trust me when I say today was MUCH better than yesterday. Lots of great photos to share, too! In the meantime, here's an update on the one-woman-walkathon: $4,428!!!How close are we to hitting $5,000... Continue Reading →

Better morning…

I hope I didn't alarm anyone. I'm much better today -- still woke up sore but it is what it is. The more I think about it, I believe my mini-breakdown can be attributed to all of the physical strain/work with no real food. My stomach was not hungry for food (it was full of... Continue Reading →

To Astorga

I really debated what to write tonight. I'm going to be very honest with all of you back home: I am getting really burned out. I'm ready for this to be over and to go home, but I still have about 13 days of walking left. I think I'm just tired... despite the fact that... Continue Reading →

I’m in the Hospital

Oh, so sorry, didn't mean to panic everyone. I mean I am in a village called Hospital de Orbigo (or as the autocorrect on my phone likes to call it, "Hospital of Vegas"). The name comes from the fact that the village was founded in the 12th s by the Knights Hospitaller of St. John... Continue Reading →

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