If this were a video game…

If this were a video game, in the last 12 hours I would have just unlocked extra lives, or found a magic cape, or a hoard of gold coins… I obviously don’t play games and am out of touch since there are no more teen boys in my house.

Last night before dinner I successfully acquired silicone-free conditioner AND product! Score!

And this morning I’m in an organic cafe with an English speaking owner. Please make me a crepe with nothing but vegetables. What kind of vegetables? I don’t care– all of the vegetables you have.

Look at this beautiful work of art!

Zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, mushrooms. It’s perfect with a doppio of what must have Ethiopian Sidamo in it (my favorite coffee!).

I am missing Al a lot and wish he were here for at least the castle-touring portion of this trip. This was on the tv when I was getting dressed this morning, and it made me smile thinking about the send-off he and his pirate brothers gave me the day before I left.

Flashback to March 31 in Washington ♥️:

Now excuse me, I have a Templar castle to tour!

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