$2,592!The one-woman-walk-a-thon to support civil legal aid for those living in poverty in Snohomish Co is now at $2,592! Thank you, gracias, merci, danke! I am grateful to everyone who participated thus far. At this rate, we may reach the goal of $5,000 before I reach Santiago. That would be amazing! Talking with my friends... Continue Reading →

An easy travel hack and quick update

I had a moment today struggling with a dumb travel wallet. Which one, you ask? This one: Why do I need it? Because there are no pockets in ANY moisture-wicking active clothing for women. None. Often us women feel lucky to have pockets in our normal clothes. I also didn't bother practicing wearing it under... Continue Reading →

T minus 2 days!

There is too much going on right now to really sit down to reflect and write careful blog posts, so here are just some random updates as I prep for Monday: The Camino Campaign jumped up to $1,056 as of this morning! Thank you so much to everyone who "pledged" to walk with me. Please... Continue Reading →

First pledge is in!

Thank you to my wonderful friends, the CaminoJen campaign has its first pledge today! I haven't even bought a backpack yet (I'm leaving for REI in a few minutes to get some advice now). This friend pledged 25 cents per mile and his employer will match it... so $240 already towards my $5,000 goal. Thank... Continue Reading →

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