An easy travel hack and quick update

I had a moment today struggling with a dumb travel wallet. Which one, you ask? This one:

Why do I need it? Because there are no pockets in ANY moisture-wicking active clothing for women. None. Often us women feel lucky to have pockets in our normal clothes.

I also didn’t bother practicing wearing it under my shirt because, you know, no big deal. I used the same wallet when I traveled to Europe for the very first time for study abroad and the backpacking before and after the class. It was a piece of cake! Oh. Wait. I was also 23: thinner, nimbler, more agile, less agitated, less cranky. I hated this stupid wallet today… and I haven’t even left Gatwick yet!

Here’s my hack. Thank goodness I picked up that little coin purse at Pike Place last Friday:

Yes, that’s my bra. Problem SOLVED!

And now a quick update:Steps to Support SCLS is now at $1,872! You’re all SO AMAZING! Thank you! Keep spreading the word.

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

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