$3,956 for civil legal aid in Snohomish County!

I am overwhelmed by your generosity in supporting the Steps to support SCLS campaign! Friends, we are now at $3,956!

The campaign got a nice little boost yesterday thanks to Facebook asking if I wanted to create a fundraiser for my birthday (May 8).

Why yes, Facebook, I would be happy to create a fundraiser for my birthday as a way to give this one-woman-walk-a-thon a little shot in the arm.

The response has been wonderful! Thank you so much!

We have $1,044 to go to reach the goal of $5,000 before I reach Santiago.

Do I need to do something as a gift to everyone when I reach Santiago? Video myself singing a song? Strip naked and run through the square? (I’m afraid that would quickly undo any atonement I’ve found on this journey.)

I will come up with something for you all. In the meantime — thank you!!!

And please keep sharing this link. The goal is within reach.

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