The Meseta— to Castrojeriz

I didn't mean to come off negative about the meseta yesterday; I was trying to communicate how surreal it was with the color of the sky, the silence, the desolation, the isolation (until the two kids in dirt bikes came through). Today was day two of crossing the meseta, but a completely different experience because... Continue Reading →

I put on weight in Burgos…

...or at least my pack put on weight. I'm now regretting keeping my boots with me and not shipping them home yesterday. They must be 2+ pounds added to my pack (and on the outside, so the weight distribution is off). Dr. Felix instructed me to keep them for Galicia. The people on the forum... Continue Reading →

My left foot

No, this is not that infamous Daniel Day Lewis movie. This is my darn left foot. While my ankle feels fantastic and I truly believed that that I was conquering 18 years of it being snapped in half, constantly rolled, out of sorts, and the fourth and fifth metatarsals getting hairline fractures at the halfway... Continue Reading →

Estella to Montjardin

The day-- I left the albergue this morning with Kathleen and the Texas sisters after the ladies running it literally moved us out the door at 8 am and locked it behind us. There we were in the drizzle, trying to put our wet, muddy shoes back on (we're pretty sure the outside shed they... Continue Reading →

It’s still happening…

I am now completely consumed by this work event on March 3, but I am still thinking about Camino prep. I just haven't had the time to write extensive updates but I assure you I am still going. A good friend helped adjust my pack and figure out what all the straps do; another good... Continue Reading →

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