It’s still happening…

I am now completely consumed by this work event on March 3, but I am still thinking about Camino prep. I just haven’t had the time to write extensive updates but I assure you I am still going. A good friend helped adjust my pack and figure out what all the straps do; another good friend introduced me to someone who wrote her dissertation on the Camino (and she made delicious paella for us while we talked). I finally broke down and ordered a luggage scale, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my pack + stuff is less than 6 kg (I was so worried I was over the carry-on max of 10 kg… but I’m American and have no idea what the heck a kilogram is anyways). I discovered that technically my pack is too long for carry-on dimensions for both Norwegian and EasyJet, but I will just deal with it (I got some great advice from an online forum, besides the few who ribbed me for “bringing too much stuff”). I think I’m going to be prepared and be OK, despite the fact that most waking minutes are focused on this gala. Everything is going to be OK.

champsOh, I did have to declare that I will never spend another dime at REI, ever again. So much for the new membership card. Turns out that if you do not look like the typical svelte REI-clad Seattle urban faux-athlete, you are not worth helping in the shoe department in the main flagship store… even if you are prepared to drop another $150 on shoes that are more comfortable. It worked out in the end for me, though, thanks to two really nice young men (my son’s age?) working at Foot Locker and Champs at Northgate. Turns out all I needed were better insoles with arch support. Spending $30 at the mall solved the problem that “Becky” at REI couldn’t be bothered with. The Camino provides…

The Merrell insole is the original. No wonder my feet and lower legs were always tired for the first week of wearing them! I was basically walking on a flat and hard piece of plastic. I was practically kissing the kid at Champs when I first tried the new insoles. Yes, another neophyte mistake.

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