I put on weight in Burgos…

…or at least my pack put on weight.

I’m now regretting keeping my boots with me and not shipping them home yesterday. They must be 2+ pounds added to my pack (and on the outside, so the weight distribution is off).

Dr. Felix instructed me to keep them for Galicia. The people on the forum claim they walked the rest of the trail in runners.

What to do? What to do?

Today is Saturday, though, so I can’t mail them before Monday anyways.

Dang. I’m stuck with this quandary. There is absolutely nothing else I can ditch from the pack; I have used every item of clothing (except my swimsuit, but I know there’s a pool in my future in Santiago) and almost every tool/gear.

It also just occurred to me that if I ship the boots home, I can also ship home all of the heavy wool socks. Hmmm…

Just over six miles to go today, friends.

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