Walkathon Update! $4,312

Steps to Support SCLS link is here.

Hi friends– man, what a difference a week makes!

Last Monday I was struggling in high-80s heat, heat rash, new heat blisters, and four layers of hippy drippy sunblock that failed me. My skin didn’t burn — it literally bubbled.

Today (Monday) it is in the low-30s with rain/snow mix in the forecast, a bitter cold wind, and yeah. Use your imagination. I’m now FREEZING! I popped into a bar to warm up and get some coffee, so I thought I would update you on the latest for the one-woman-walk-a-thon:

WE ARE AT $4,312!!!

That means we only need $688 left to go! Thank you thank you thank you!

I’m going to update the Facebook birthday fundraiser with this amount left to go right now as well (soak up all the warmth of this bar while I can).

Thank you for your generosity and thank you for sharing the link!

In other news, I need to buy a knit hat and another pair of gloves as soon as I see some. I had a hat and thermal long pants packed originally but took them out before I left Seattle to save weight (assuming I was over preparing).

While you are all generously supporting civil legal aid for those in need in Snohomish County, I’m helping keep the Spanish Camino economy strong by re-purchasing everything I’ve ditched or left at home. 🙄

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