Steps to Support SCLS Update — $4,428!

Hey friends! I’m not writing a post tonight because I’m exhausted and it will be one of those phone-keeps-falling-on-my-face-because-I-nodded-off posts, but trust me when I say today was MUCH better than yesterday. Lots of great photos to share, too! In the meantime, here’s an update on the one-woman-walkathon:


How close are we to hitting $5,000 for civil legal aid in Snoh County?

$572 close.


$572 left to go.

Share share share!

Here the link to share again.

Here is a link to the FAQ post I wrote a while ago.

Here’s more info about Snohomish County Legal Services.

Thank you!

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  1. SCLS provided a lifeline for my family when my 62-year old, chronically-homelss sister was evicted. SCLS provided my sisters and me with many levels of help. Please help Jen reach (and exceed) her $5,000 goal. I did!

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