To Rabanal del Camino

It’s morning now and I have a full day of mountain climbing ahead of me. I’m in a place with two shared bathrooms, but I’m letting all of the other pilgrims go first — I’m slow going up these steep inclines so best to let the others get their early start and run out the door.

Turtle turtle turtle…

Here a very quick rundown in photos (the Wi-Fi is excellent here):

First, it was cold but not as cold as the day it snowed. It was another Camino fashion trend-setting day, though:

This is what most of today looked like:

A very cute village (but the guy running the bar was pretty rude… it’s his deal, I’m just passing through). Succulents were growing like crazy on all of the walls and roofs:

Check out this bar in the last village before my stop! Meson Cowboy! It was filled with kitsch from the American SW and the guy was decked out in US Army fatigues. It smelled of warm fireplace smoke and was really cozy. I didn’t want to leave.

No, this part of the trail isn’t creepy at all. Never mind the fence lines with stick crosses and the freaky woods. What kind of Blair Witch Trial nonsense is this?

Finally reached the edge of Rabanal and was greeted by the welcoming committee. Two babies that looked like they were just learning to walk, too.

This is the little parish church. Let me repeat: this is the little parish church!

There was a hippy cafe at the entrance to town making smoothies. I had never been so happy in my life to pay way too much for a 10 oz cup of blended banana, apple, orange, and spinach (or was it kale?):

Evening prayer service in the 12th s monastery church with Anthony from Australia. I snapped this quick pic about 10 minutes before they started, then put my phone away. Despite the fact that the brother asked us in two different languages to not photograph the service itself (which I honored), there were several yahoos in front of me with their phones out videoing it. C’mon folks, knock it off. The service was lovely, though. All sung Latin.

And finally a wonderful (but late) dinner with nice people, new friends, and LOTS of VEGETABLES!

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