Day 5.1: Wet rural climbing

The morning getting out of Zubiri started out well. First, because the cash machine in town was out of order, I tried to have the largest breakfast I could muster at the cafe across the street knowing they take credit cards. Bob from outside Toronto and I were there at 6 am sharp thinking the... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Slip Sliding Away

(Warning: last picture is not appropriate for my veggie/vegan friends) So, yeah. The rain in Spain... I was born and raised in Seattle. Rain is absolutely no big deal. In fact, as I wrote before, after climbing through the Pyrenees in what felt like 90 degrees for two days (with the sunburns to prove it),... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Aprill Shoures Soote

Whan that aprill with his shoures soote The droghte of march hath perced to the roote. I kept thinking of the first few lines of the prologue of the Canterbury Tales today (and to be fair, I was often reminded of them by other Americans I would meet who would immediately launch into reciting them... Continue Reading →

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