Uh oh. How to prep when I can’t even get enough sleep?

OK, I’m not panicking just yet… but I have encountered a little problem in preparing. Part of the appeal of walking the Camino is taking a break from everyday life, stopping to smell the roses, so to speak. In addition, one should prepare one’s body for walking 480 miles straight — up mountains, down mountains, across fields, over bridges, through forests. But what happens if the life you are trying to take a break from prevents you from adequately preparing your body for the physical test to come? I’m very lucky in that the hours I am putting into my job through March — and specifically, our major event scheduled for March 3 — are what allows me to take off for two months. However, even though at New Years I was determined to start walking more every day to build my stamina, I have found that work and life in general are preventing me from getting outside to get that walking in. Of course, living in Seattle does not help since our winter daylight hours are super short and we have been experiencing January monsoons this month (yes, I know I will be rained on in Spain… but c’mon! It’s January in Seattle!).

Yeah, that’s not going to work. Maybe if I park further away?

I thought parking in the free zone a half mile from the office was a good start, but looking at the pedometer of my phone I can tell you that it simply guarantees one mile of walking per day. That’s not enough. Blargh.

I told some people in the office that I was going to start taking hour-long breaks and walk in the middle of the day. Nope. I’m buried trying to make sure this event goes off without a hitch in five weeks. I can’t tear myself away from my computer at all!

What about doing it after work? Life/house chores keep getting in the way, then I remember something else I needed to do for work, then the husband is home and wants some attention, then after he goes to bed I return to the computer to finish those last tasks, and oh geez I forgot about those Commodore chores, then… oh my God. It’s midnight.

It just feels like there’s always something. Always!

But then there will always be something. I’ve learned that lesson over and over and over and over in my life. There’s always something.

So here’s my next lesson in preparation for walking the Camino: better discipline! Even if it means I will be working until 2:00 am instead of midnight. Just do it! I can sleep when I’m dead.

just do it

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