Dear Dr. Ankle Surgeon

I’m feeling like our relationship can officially end now. I’m breaking up with you. Yes, I know we haven’t seen each other in 8 years, and you haven’t performed any surgeries on my left ankle in 9, but I still always felt like we were in a relationship. I still have your number in my phone and I still refer to you as “my ankle doctor.” I think I can safely say after today that I don’t need you anymore.

I decided to do the Camino as a way to prove to myself that I can conquer the pericarditis, and that I can start to reclaim an active life again (plus to raise money for Snohomish County Legal Services). It dawned on me today that part of the reason I descended into a sedentary lifestyle started well before the first bout of peri-c in 2015. It started with breaking my ankle and it not getting properly fixed in 2000. Many surgeries. Many continued metatarsal breaks due to my ankle rolling. The last 2009 surgery was a drastic one but seems to have done the trick.

So I’m throwing the ankle left monkey off my back as of today.

Look at these muddy/rocky/unstable narrow paths I traversed today without my ankle even flinching (but the rest of my body has been shuddering from these hills – OMG!):

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