Pamplona to Mañeru (yesterday)

Here’s a summary of the detailed post I wrote yesterday but then accidentally deleted:

An elderly woman put this in my hands on the street outside my hotel and told me she is praying for me.

Look how flooded the river was going through the University of Navarra campus on the outskirts on Pamplona. An old man walked up to me and wagged his finger saying “no mountain today.”

Got through the mountain in one piece. As the modern philosopher Shangela would say: “hallelu”

I saw a lot of young people caked in mud on the other side but very few my age or older. Where did they all go? But I’m safely to the other side. As another modern philosopher Bianca del Rio would say: “Not today, Satan.”

The landscape was gorgeous even in the winds. Focused on keeping the phone dry, but here’s a video from when there was a break in the rain

Listening to Cure’s Disintegration seemed appropriate. It caused me to remember and analyze the last trip I took with my parents when I was 16 or 17 — a road trip in a borrowed camper to Utah for a family reunion where I learned just how bigoted and racist my father’s side of the family is (excluding my dad’s sister and her kids). I had feels.

Here’s more cute town I walked through when the rain eased up.

Then something happened at a cafe and I gave the San Fermin benediction card to the woman who ran it. The Pamplona woman is now praying for the cafe owner’s friend and my close friend back home (my Hawaii girl).

Puenta de la Reina was a beautiful medieval village. Glad I didn’t stay because I may have not been able to leave this morning.

Spanish gold for Bonnie.

I made it up one more crazy monstrous hill but no one was there to cheer me on. I cheered myself on instead. Classic rock playlist got me up it.

That’s it for the lost post! Mañeru to Estella tonight.

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