Taking foot care into my own hands

Alrighty. When I was in a pharmacy last night trying to buy more blister care stuff, an older woman asked me how long I had the blisters. When she heard it had only been 24 hours but they were horrendous, and that I left from Saint Jean, she said I must have done something to require this sudden penance.

Was it the snoring in the albergues?

This morning I bandaged everything up and flew down the trail in the rain to the next town that had a private room in a pension. This one is a little bit more but also a private bathroom. And the owner speaks French! I can fully communicate with her without pulling out the google translate app!

She drew a place on the map that she said was a foot care place. They will massage them, deal with the blisters, and so on. Wonderful! So I put on my casual stretchy Sketchers so my baby toe could breath and went in search of this magical place. Couldn’t find it. Tourist office was closed because it’s Monday. Someone working at the cathedral recommended a foot specialist, but when I hobbled there I discovered it was a massage school. Also closed. Darn it!

So I took matters into my own hands. Hit the local pharmacy again for more bandaids and some antiseptic (these pharmacies on the Camino must make a killing off us pilgrims), then bought this at the grocery store:

Because guess what I have tonight! That’s right, my own private bathtub. Pulled the chair out of the room and slid it between the tub and the toilet and just soaked my poor feet for about 30 minutes. I’m doing it again tonight after dinner.

And by the way, I spent 3.40€ on a delicious lunch of two large tapas plates (“pintxos”) and a glass of wine. So much cheaper than the pilgrim meals and more satisfying.

Tomorrow I’m planning a leg that is almost 14 miles to a town with an albergue that has a “snoring room” (or so I read, still waiting for them to email me back).

Feet — don’t fail me now!

P.S. I’ve heard back from the albergue in Belorado. They do NOT have a separate room for snorers. I’m going to just wing it tomorrow then. The Camino provides?

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  1. I am glad to see that you are taking good care of your feet Jen! If those salts are anything like epsom salts, they are high in magnesium and very healing.

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    1. Hi Ker! It’s simply the largest particle sea salt I could find in the grocers. The bag cost me a total of 24 cents, too. I’m using it all! (About to soak my feet one more time before bed) I hope all is well with you back home, my friend.


  2. Jen, I’m enjoying your blog and am glad that you’re running across people with better sense and more kindness these last 2 days. I can appreciate what you’re encountering. I don’t sleep much in the albergues (but don’t mind snorers at all – it’s to be expected in albergues), so took private pension rooms much of the time also. It gets kind of isolating, but I did as you’re doing and blogged and kept up with others by text or emails.. Bonne continuation, amie, et je vais suivre.

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