T minus 12 Days!

I can’t believe I’m flying to London in 12 days. I also can’t believe that I’ve been so incredibly busy with work that I haven’t posted an update in almost a month. I am now on the other side of that monster work event (a big success, thanks for asking), am trying desperately to get my one-person department locked down for me to be gone for two months. I now have peers locked in to babysit the org website, social media channels, and monitor my email. Still need to make sure files can be accessed, the rest of the thank yous have gone out, closed the books on the event, scheduled another four weeks of social media posts, researched grants for board members to work on, finished another grant app, established a new volunteer committee, … oh geez. Whatever gets done gets done. This is a HARD deadline! I need to spend time with my family before I leave as well, and not work right up until hours before my flight.

One benefit of walking the Camino is having the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. I already know I have a lot to ponder. It has become clear in the last two weeks that I need to think about how busy I always feel. That event was the first weekend of March, yet I haven’t been able to crank up my pre-Camino training by much at all! I now realize that I’m not in control of my own days and I have a terrible time prioritizing myself and my own needs. I needed to spend the last two weeks doing nothing but walking, but there was always something that came up: a lot of work tasks still, everything for the house and dogs and family that had been neglected leading up to the work event, Commodores tasks that had fallen to the wayside, and so on. Every day I wasn’t in the office, I planned to walk 6-8 miles. Every day it was always something that came up that cut into walking time. This fault is mine… and I need to fix it. How much longer can I live my life like this? Much to think about.

(This entry is also a test run of posting from my phone. How does it look?)

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  1. Jen, since you asked for feedback, content, format looks great. We are also using WordPress, and I suspect the same theme, Twenty Sixteen. Am planning to blog from smartphone too (you must have prepared the graphics/pcis beforehand and loaded into your gallery, since I can;t imagine trying to ‘manipulate’ images with a smartphone). Love the pics that go with this post and others. Great writing style that engages. Have a great Camino, we start walking on May 14.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback! For the images, I did a quick google image search and limited the size to “medium”, then saved in my camera roll to upload into the post. What I couldn’t figure out in my phone was how to manipulate the image within WordPress like I can on the laptop. I have a feeling that once I’m walking, I will be dashing out posts as quickly as I can every night, and making the image layouts “perfect” may not matter as much. Buen Camino!

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