Purple people eater

It was time to color my roots once again, but I also have little more than a week before I’m on the road.



I’m typing this out right now waiting for the purple to process (and yes, it’s 11:30 pm– see my post last night at 11:30 pm about not having control of my time).

Purple. Why the heck not?

I won’t be interfacing with any donors or constituents in the next 11 days.

My hair is going to grow out to grey roots within three weeks of starting the Camino anyways.

And… I might look like a badass (finally!). Maybe this will help communicate that I’m not messing around at the Board of Directors meeting of which I’m the president Saturday morning. “You will speak when I call on you. You will pass this amendment. I’m a badass and taking no prisoners because I have purple hair!”

Oh my gosh. How middle aged of me. Clear sign I’m getting old probably. I may just end up looking like a cartoon elderly woman with the blue hair.

And check out the name:

Really? “Glam grunge”?? Give me a break.

Maybe I should go rinse it out now before the 25 minutes are up…

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