Day 6.2: Amo Pamplona!

Seriously, I’m in love with this city. The rain was nonstop all day so I spent much of it inside, but I’m ok with this because I’m going to come back with Al sometime. He loves York; he will love Pamplona even more (bulls!).

After lunch, I finally found Plaza des Toros. I was circling in the wrong direction; it was actually a straight shot up the street from where I ate. D’oh!

Papa was there to greet me:

You can see signs of Papa Hemingway all over town, really.

I wonder if Hemingway liked doner kebab?

The arena was closed for tours, despite what my info sheet said. It started raining like cats and dogs once again, so I ducked into a place that looked warm.

There was something about the decor that was calling to me.

After a quick ham break and time fretting with the bartender over the weather warnings for the next day, I joined a Camino friend at the museum.

Which friend? THIS friend!

Kathleen from Australia was still in town! We had a wonderful evening looking at Roman and medieval things and eating sandwiches. Buen Camino, amiga! 💗

Ive never been able to see 12th s. capitols up so closely. They were literally displayed at eye level on pedestals.

Last one is NOT medieval.

Special shout-out to Hotel Eslava. What an incredible place to stay for only €39 per night! The room is a tiny bit dated but it’s super clean, incredible views from my room, perfect bathroom, location is fantastic (and right on the Camino out of town), and when I came back to the room I found all of my laundry neatly folded on my bed. Gracias! The only downside is that the Wi-Fi is bad and the room seems to be a data dead spot — not a big deal except it meant I had difficulties updating this blog… and I still haven’t been able to watch last week’s episode of RuPaul online.

I love you, Pamplona!

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